FORUM Impulse

The new EU data protection regulation: Chance or risk?

Event experts met for the 8th time to exchange and discuss the latest information. Changing themes and different venues create new impressions that have a lasting effect. This year we were guests at the Althoff Hotel am Schlossplatz in Stuttgart.

The Motto 2018: The new EU Data Protection Regulation
More than 70 participants were informed at first hand by Mr. Ralf W. Reschke – Data Protection Officer and Lawyer – what exactly the general requirements and consequences of the EU Data Protection Regulation are and which special requirements we will have to meet in the event organisation in the future.

In the subsequent discussion, the participants were able to put their questions to the experts and share their own experiences with other guests.

The conclusion of the event:
It is important not only to believe that you know. You have to know exactly what to do. The new EU data protection regulation leaves no room for manoeuvre.

We are already looking forward to the next FORUM impulse!

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