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Face to face - can we even do that anymore?

Is texting the new talking? What are the hurdles of communication in the age of Facebook, Whats App and Co.? How do we communicate better and more successfully with colleagues, customers and employees?

The participants of FORUM impulse 2019 asked themselves these and many other questions.

For the ninth time, SCHERER WERBUNG brought together experts from the industry who spoke and discussed this topic face to face.

The W7 event location in Stuttgart provided the perfect setting for such discussions. One quickly had the feeling of sitting at home in the living room with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake and having stimulating conversations.

Our speaker Sebastian Pflügler, who dedicated himself to the topic New Era Communication, brought ample input for the discussions among the participants. It showed the participants in line with standard usage, which can carry out interhuman communication in a digitized world.

The advice Mr Pflügler gave all our guests before they left: “The password to success in the life is called communication.” And even if nowadays a lot of voting takes place via digital terminals, no machine can replace the real face-to-face conversations – from one person to another.

We are looking forward to the next FORUM impulse!

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